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My research examines how robot design encourages or discourages human emotional attachment. Of particular interest to me are human-robot interactions in militarized spaces. Long-term, this research could be used to help improve troop robotics training, enhance robot development specifications to mitigate mission-dependent risks, and improve warfighter and civilian safety in conflict environments, both foreign and domestic. More broadly, findings can be applied to the development of robots that are effective in human collaborative/team or training situations, especially in stressful conditions (for example, medicine, space, and humanitarian relief contexts).

Upcoming publications include a book manuscript in progress, Culture and Human-Robot Interaction in militarized spaces: A war story (Ashgate, 2015). My dissertation, The Quiet Professional: An investigation of U.S. military Explosive Ordnance Disposal personnel interactions with everyday field robots, was published in 2013.

Keywords used in my research: Chronic Stress, Cognitive Science, Defense, Emotional design, Explosive Ordnance Disposal, EOD, Field Robots, Humanoid Robots, Human-Robot Interaction, Human Social Cultural Behavior, Military, Social Robotics, Traumatic Stress, User-Centered Design.

Please contact me with any questions about the contents of this site. I welcome your feedback: julie4 at uw dot edu.

Curriculum Vitae

My abbreviated research statement, current research, education, teaching, presentations, and publications (also available as a PDF).


A short bio that explains the path to my current research interests.